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BRC Magazine 2018

The final preparations for the upcoming Autumn Count are in full swing. Do you want to read up on what could be ahead of us this season? Then read our annual BRC Magazine of 2018, with a summary of last year's exceptional season and the most complete overview of our activities in the Batumi bottleneck. It is once again chock full of photos and stories to remind you of the spectacular migration that will start again in a few weeks.

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Magazine 2018

Autumn Report 2018 published
Juvenile Imperial Eagle. Photo by Bart Hoekstra.

Juvenile Imperial Eagle. Photo by Bart Hoekstra.

The freshly published BRC Autumn Report 2018 features season highlights, phenological peculiarities and general overview with many photos of both birds and people. Make sure to scroll down to the very end for the behind-the-scenes gallery! 

We hope this reading brings back warm memories and evokes thoughts of joining us next year.

1 Million Raptors!

Today, after 6 weeks of counting and the last 2 days of fantastic raptor migration, we have passed the magical 1,000,000 raptor milestone!


We had many eagles in the past days, with some — like this juvenile Greater Spotted — giving off quite a show. Photo by Bart Hoekstra.


Yesterday's highlights were the more than 100,000 raptors counted by both stations and the almost 1,700 eagles on Station 1, but we fell just short of the million.


When the view on the saddle is this good in the morning, you know you're up for a great day. And so it was: we passed the million mark! Photo by Bart Hoekstra.


This morning, during the Steppe Buzzard push we counted the final 8,000 birds needed to reach the million! We had a fantastic day with Griffon Vultures, many Imperial Eagles, a Crested Honey Buzzard and a very enjoyable migration of large eagles in general. And there's still more to come in the final weeks of the count… But first: we celebrate!


Sparrowhawk migration is still going strong and often results in bigger raptors being harassed when on migration, like this juvenile Honey Buzzard. Photo by Bart Hoekstra.