Our Foundation

In order to facilitate international donations to Batumi Raptor Count a charitable foundation has been registered in the Netherlands, called the BRC Foundation or in Dutch the 'Stichting Batumi Roofvogel Club'. The primary goal of this foundation is to raise funds for the annual raptor migration monitoring, research and conservation activities of Batumi Raptor Count. Moreover, the foundation is able to solicit additional funds for other projects that benefit the conservation of migrating birds along the eastern Black Sea migration flyway, either in Georgia or neighboring countries.


The BRC team consists of multiple working groups. The team is supervised by the strategic board which consists of a chairman (Dries Engelen) and three board members (Wouter Vansteelant, Johannes Jansen and Folkert de Boer). The foundation is managed on a voluntary basis by three members of the BRC team (Wouter Vansteelant, Folkert de Boer and Dries Engelen).


All members of the BRC-team work on a voluntary basis and do not receive any remuneration for their service.

Statutes and aims

The original Dutch version of the BRC statutes can be downloaded here. Details regarding the mission and governance of BRC are available on this website. The BRC board stands ready to answer any inquiries regarding BRC structure and governance from non-Dutch speakers.

Year report and treasury

Our year reports and treasury information can be found below and in the BRC Member Magazines.

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For further inquires, feel free to contact our treasurer.

Charitable status (ANBI/PBO)

The BRC Foundation has received the ANBI/PBO status in the Netherlands. A Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) enjoys certain tax advantages and donations from Dutch residents and organizations to a PBO are tax-deductible. If you live outside the Netherlands and you wish to donate to the BRC Foundation you may want to check for similar arrangements in your home country.

Donate to the BRC

You may donate to the BRC Foundation through the following account or on this page.

Foundation BRC details

Account name: Stichting Batumi Roofvogel Club
Address: Hannah Arendtweg 84, 1349CM Almere, The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce: 62901478
RSIN: 855005464
IBAN: NL08TRIO0198379056  
Bank: Triodos Bank, Postbus 55, 3700 AB Zeist, The Netherlands