Chorokhi Delta

The Chorokhi delta south of Batumi has proven to be an excellent spot for birdwatching due to its high variety in biotopes: bushes, dry & wet grassy plains, marshes, a boulder plain, the seashore... During migration season waders, terns and passerine birds proved to be the most interesting groups represented in the delta. In winter very high numbers of waterfowl can be excepted in the area.

Chorokhi Delta - Yves Dubois.JPG



Because Batumi is located on a major migratory route the chances to see some rare or even vagrant species increase dramatically. High numbers of small passerines found at the seaside, the boulevard, in the city parks and in some areas around the port. The illumination attracts good numbers of birds migrating at night. Wherever you find a patch of trees or bushes along the coastline, you might encounter some splendid birds!



Mtirala National Park

Being situated in a Biodiversity Hotspot, the even more region specific climate of Batumi further increases the potential to see some unique species in the area. Though most resident birds are widely distributed, a lot of regional subspecies are known. When it comes to endemics, especially plants provide botanists from all over the world a splendid time. Surrounding the third counting station of the project in Chakvistavi is the Mtirala National Park.


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