Spring 2019

After 11 years of autumn counts it was time for something completely different, so this year we organised the first structured spring count.



A new decade of counts started with unusual weather and early migration of many species, but the usual Batumi migration spectacle.

20181014-Autumn Report 2018-Imperial Juvenile-Bart.jpg


A special year for BRC as we celebrated our 10th anniversary.

Pallid Harrier-John Wright.jpg


The 9th consecutive Batumi Raptor Count, with historical totals for Black Kites, Booted Eagles and Red-footed Falcons.

4N7A7522 - Red-footed Falcon - 25 9 16 - John Wright-Web.jpg


Despite unusual weather conditions, we reached the million threshold for the 4th year in a row.


Earlier Reports

Photo by Eddy Vaes.

Photo by Eddy Vaes.


“So far, the season brought us many surprises. Although we were expecting another peak of Honey Buzzards in the first week of September, we had to be happy with a first season peak day of roughly 68.000. Of course, we knew it would be hard to compete with last year's high, but another higher peak day stayed out and in the end we did not break that record. On consecutive days we had roughly 42.000 (3 September) and 52.000 (4 September)  more, mainly over station one. Now that the majority of the Honey Buzzard migration has passed, we seem to have had a fairly average total of Honeys compared with the previous 5 years.”



“After 5 years monitoring of raptors at the Batumi bottleneck, we have surpassed all expectations this autumn. We tallied ONE Million migrating birds of prey passing our two count stations along the eastern Black Sea route. Here is the report on this great bar hitting event!”