Pioneering pilot spring count in Batumi 2019

Spring migration in Batumi? We would love to show you what that looks like, but we don’t really know. All we know for certain is that birds will be going in the opposite direction, somewhat like in the video below. But how many? And when? No idea.

During the last 11 years we have collected an immense amount of data about autumn migration in the Batumi bottleneck, but what happens in spring remains largely unknown. This is the knowledge gap we intend to fill in spring 2019.

If pioneering a pilot spring count would be something you would like to do, please contact us via and we will get back to you with more detailed information.

PS. As this is a pilot count, there will be much fewer people on the station with no official team of coordinators present. Hence, each counter has much more responsibilities and should ideally have previous experience with (raptor) migration counts.