500.000 within first 3 weeks

The first 3 weeks of raptor migration counting in Batumi are over and we can already say that the start of this season was a big surprise.

Some 511,796 had already passed by 9th September.

The Honey Buzzards came earlier than usual with the peak day of 113,737 birds already on 27th August. Moreover we've already counted a few Steppe Eagles including juveniles, immatures and even three adults. Dive into the details by following our count from home.

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Count totals till 9th September

Honey Buzzard: 471,192
Black Kite: 24,185
Hen/Montagu's/Pallid Harrier: 5,018
Marsh Harrier: 4,218
Montagu's Harrier: 3,001
Booted Eagle: 2,117
Levant Sparrowhawk: 1,056
Steppe Buzzard: 488
European Roller: 431
White Stork: 310
Pallid Harrier: 153
Short-toed Eagle: 111
Lesser Spotted Eagle: 102
Black Stork: 101
Osprey: 55
Crested Honey Buzzard: 13
Peregrine: 10
Steppe Eagle: 8
Egyptian Vulture: 6
Hen Harrier: 4
White-tailed Eagle: 3
harrier sp.: 3
Greater Spotted Eagle: 2
Red-footed Falcon: 2
Saker Falcon: 1
Total raptors: 511,796

2015Jasper Wehrmann