Sightings on

Share your observations from around Batumi and see what else is around.

We have teamed up with to gather bird sightings online. Also other wildlife, from mammals to mosses, can be registered.

The regional page spans a wide area around Batumi, including the Adjara and Guria province.

Apps for android and iPhone smartphones are available for in the field registration. It is a very convenient way to share remarkable observations, pictures, sound recordings or keep track of your trip list. Browse the site to discover other observation, species maps, and many more.

Your observations can be useful for science and conservation around Batumi. It is a key tool to document area lists, key stopover sites, migration or biodiversity hotspots. The more sightings, the stronger it grows. So register, get out there (or get out those old fieldnotes) and submit your observations.

For Georgia, there is a national page