One morning of spring migration in Choroki delta

After more than 2 weeks of raptor counting last week we felt like counting some Passerine migration at Chorokhi delta. So on the first of may we set of for some early morning birding. Well before sunrise we arrived at the end of the Endless Boulevard leading from Batumi to Chorokhi. Ironically this Boulevard appears seems to be a perfect spot to observe some migration as it offers good views on both the Black sea cost and the marches of the Chorokhi delta. And although the numbers weren’t quiet high we had a nice morning with a good variety of species:

Rosy starling (1)
White winged tern (5)
Citrine wagtail (6)
Black-headed bunting
Black tailed Godwit

At sea we had some good sightings of
Black-throated divers (in summer plumage)
Yelkouan Shearwater
Arctic and Pomarine Skua
And several thousends of Harbour Porpoise and some common dolphins.

Chorokhi DeltaAdmin