Swarovski Optik sponsors

We are proud to announce that Swaroski Optik has responded positively to our request to support our project and they have lend us some of their products. No old and scratched habichts but brand new ATM HD scopes with 25-50 wide zoom and the recently launched Swarovision-EL50s! The three telescope sets and two binoculars were transported by Belgian volunteers and have succesfully arrived yesterday. They will be shared for use by our volunteers and students on our watchpoints, hopefully without evoking fights about who's turn it is. We will evaluate the quality of all the different models provided and will report about them here on our blog. 

Niels seems already convinced

Niels seems already convinced


You can have a look at the Swarovision-website for specifications of these new binoculars and enjoy a birding game featuring some BRC-pictures by clicking on the banner below.