Presenting the BRC 2011 Coordinators!

Hello everyone,

as spring is advancing we continue to get more of your applications to volunteer in BRC 2011. Thanks are in order!

The volunteers will from 2011 onwards be lead by a team of coordinators who will ensure that things run smoothly in Batumi throughout the entire monitoring season.

After the end of the applications for coordinators in April we were able to select 6 promising people to take on this leading role in our project: Julio Roldan (SP), Marta Peris Cabré (SP), Nicolas Vandestrate (BE), Simon Cavaillès (FR), Maël Sinoir (FR) and Arthur Green (USA).

Continue to a presentation of this team to find out more about their experience in migration/conservation projects around the world!

Note that we still have room for volunteers to join BRC in 2011! The necessary information can be found on our Count in 2011 webpage.

Kind regards,

The BRC Team