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We would like to create closer ties with you throughout the year, and to continue our raptor conservation efforts in the Batumi Bottleneck with your help.

Membership fees contribute directly to raptor conservation in Batumi, and cover our autumn raptor count monitoring, illegal shooting monitoring, training of regional students and involvement of Georgians. All members receive the BRC annual magazine via e-mail and regular updates from Batumi through our newsletter.

All memberships can be renewed annually or you can become member for several years.
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BRC volunteers automatically receive a two years membership for free.

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Membership Category  Details Fee
Trans-Caucasian for Georgian, Azerbaijani or Armenian citizens Free
Sparrowhawk (Mimino) basic membership 25 EUR
Honey Buzzard (Irao) membership + BRC T-shirt 50 EUR
Imperial Eagle (Artsivi) membership + BRC T-shirt + acknowledgement on our website  100 EUR

We highly appreciate the support and motivation people give us when they join our program. We do work hard to protect the raptors, we do enjoy the migration of birds immeasurably, and we love when people appreciate this. We hereby like to emphasize the special support of our Imperial Eagle (Artsivi) members, who are:
  • Arthur Green (US), 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Erik Schorpion (Belgium), 2018
  • Stefan Wegleitner (Austria), 2016, 2017
  • Clas Malmström (Sweden), 2017
  • Jos van Oostveen (Netherlands), 2017
  • Ward Vercruysse (Belgium), 2017
  • M. de Weirdt (Netherlands), 2017
  • Rudolf Triebl (Austria), 2017
  • Wim Bovens (Belgium), 2016
  • Hans Sigg (Switzerland), 2016
  • Jacques Bultot (Belgium), 2016