Batumi Raptor Count
Batumi Raptor Count

1 million raptors within 7 weeks!

We are happy to announce that after 7 weeks of counting we reached again the season total of 1 million raptors! Steppe Buzzard migration finally kicked off and we counted over 120 000 birds during 3rd, 4th and 5th of October.

Community based raptor conservation

A major aim of BRC is to raise awareness about the consequences of the widespread raptor shooting and to reduce the illegal killing in the Batumi bottleneck. We try to achieve this by informing and involving local communities, rather than confronting hunters. We would like to thank all our donors, OSME and BirdLife International for the invaluable support.

Make it happen!

Schoolkids listening to raptor ecologyHelp us to conserve and protect this wonderful bottleneck with the community-based non-confrontational approach, to resolve human-conservation conflicts in ways that help people as well as birds, to continue our long-term monitoring and research efforts, to improve and expand our education and training activities with school children and students.

Day record: 264.891 raptors

On 2nd October 2014 our counting team witnessed the largest passage of raptors ever seen outside of the Panamerican Flyway and counted 264.891 raptors in a single day!
The early morning started with outstanding Marsh Harrier migration. Later on, some flocks of Black Kites migrated one by one in a lazy flight.

1.000.000+ bottleneck for raptors

Flock of Steppe BuzzardsOur fantastic count team has done it again and again, our season totals are over 1 Million for 2012, 2013 and 2014. is way over the 1.000.000 mark again. The count volunteers and especially the coordinators have mastered this incredible flight of raptors, and even succeeded to keep a high quality count, identifying a high proportion of the eagles and harriers.

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