painted by Johanna Yourstone
painted by Jenny Eikestam

Batumi Birding Week

21-28 September 2014
Every autumn, a massive southbound flight of up to 34 species of raptors is observed along the Black Sea coast. On peak days, counts reach over 100,000 raptors. Our motto is easy birding: all birding sites are conveniently located within 30km from the airport, so you can devote your time to birding and enjoying your holiday rather than spending hours in the car.

Again over one Million raptors

Our fantastic count team has done it again, our season total is way over the 1.000.000 mark again. The count volunteers and especially the coordinators have mastered this incredible flight of raptors, and even succeeded to keep a high quality count, identifying a high proportion of the eagles and harriers.

Become a Raptor Counter at BRC!

As every year the BRC seeks interested bird watchers to participate in this absolutely extraordinary event to record the fantastic migration of raptors along the Eastern Black Sea Flyway.
Volunteering counters can learn identification skills of up to 35 raptor species of the WP. The program is led by highly experienced count coordinators from France (Organbidexka) and Spain (Strait of Gibraltar)with lots of experience from Batumi.

Come and count. Click here for all info!

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