Jun 29, 2016

coordinator team complete

Our team of count coordinators is complete! Aki from Finland, Luis from Spain, Simon from France, Dries for the Netherlands and Rafa rom Spain will help the counters at the stations everyday to hopefully reach the million raptors in 2016! All of them are working around the clock to be ready for the... more

Jun 21, 2016

Raptor Migration Network has been founded

From 9th to 11th June we met with representatives from several major soaring bird migration bottlenecks of the western palearctic in Chalets d’Irati-Larrau/Lorraine, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France. The scientific workshop was organized and funded through EURAPMON and the European... more

Jun 7, 2016

Batumi Birding Festival cancelled

Unfortunately, due to limited interest, Batumi Birding has decided to cancel this year's event. There is an alternative though, check out the Batumi Eagle Special. For the Dutch speaking participants, STARLING has decided to provide an alternative trip, in consultation with Vogelbescherming... more

Mar 25, 2016

Next Bird Festival in Batumi

Join us at the Batumi Birding Festival 2016 from 25 September to 1 October 2016, at the Hilton hotel in Batumi, Republic of Georgia, Caucasus. During this 7-day happening, you will get a unique chance to experience the massive migration of raptors and other birds on the East Black Sea shore. At... more

Feb 25, 2016

Apply as a count volunteer

Applications for volunteers to help at the raptor count are open! We welcome applications from motivated raptorwatchers, beginners and veterans alike, for blocks of minimum 12 days. You are also welcome to apply for one month or even the entire autumn season, for a reduced rate.  If you... more

Feb 17, 2016

Apply as count coordinator

From today, we welcome applications for autumn count coordinators! We are keen to find four enthusiastic and dedicated raptorwatchers to serve as Count Coordinator and together be the backbone of the team for the entire autumn season (two months). All costs are covered. If you think you might... more

Feb 5, 2016

Newsletter February

Dear BRC-supporter, we are proud to present you our new refreshed website. We made these changes so it's easier for you to navigate and find the information you are looking for. The website is also more compatible with mobile devices. With it comes a new newsletter style. We hope you enjoy the... more

Feb 2, 2016

Raptor Migration Report 2015

BRC continued its monitoring work with another successful season studying the raptor migration in the Batumi bottleneck. In autumn 2015 we managed to count a total of 1.029.478 raptors without double counts! Reaching the million threshold again for the fourth year in a row is an important milestone... more

Jan 30, 2016

A word from the new chairman

After another very successful season in 2015, the volunteers of BRC only had a couple of weeks to recuperate, and while 2016 is still young, the preparations for the count of autumn 2016 are already in full swing.  Hereby I would like to thank Jasper Wehrmann for all his hard work and... more

Jan 2, 2016

Start of BRC membership

Join us as member to become integral part of BRC. We'd like to create closer ties with you throughout the year, and with your help continue our raptor conservation efforts in Batumi. Membership fees contribute directly to raptor conservation in Batumi, and cover our autumn raptor count... more