Unexpected plumage: immature Honey Buzzard

October 4, 2017

John Wright, spotted on the 17th of September a European Honey Buzzard with an unusual shape during a day of slow migration. After taking pictures, a quick examination revealed very promising moult pattern.
The BRC 2017 autumn count is a season of anniversary for which we receive many surprises! After getting 4 Eleonora’s Falcons, which is a higher total than all Eleonora’s we got since 2008, and the 1st Pallas’s Gulls actively migrating, an experienced counter of the team, John... more

Half-season report

September 25, 2017

Our 10th Autumn count kicked off at 17th August, with the coordination team and first volunteers arriving to our headquarters in Sakhalvasho a few days before. Even though the days are long, it’s always nice to see how the migration builds up and to see the first records for the season,... more


September 6, 2017

Steady stream of Honey Buzzards overhead (c) John Wright
Today added another 75.000 to the tally. Our volunteers have been counting for exactly 3 weeks now, and have reached a season total of 498.928 raptors! Almost half a million, right? Six more weeks to go, bring it! The show started with harriers, between 7 and 8 o'clock a constant stream of... more

MEGA: Egyptian Nightjar, new for Georgia

August 27, 2017

Egyptian Nightjahr (c) Simon Cavaillès
Volunteers from the BRC team visited Chorokhi Delta on their day off today and found an EGYPTIAN Nightjar on the beach. The bird was flushed by a shepherd dog and flew around observers, giving very close views. What a nice bird for the 10th anniversary of the BRC! And what a nice follow-up after... more

Volunteer from Kenya - Welcome Martha Mutiso

August 25, 2017

We are very pleased that for the 10th anniversary of the autumn count, BRC is able to welcome the first African volunteer into our project. Martha Mutiso is a Kenyan ornithologist and conservationist and having her join us is a small step towards improving the collaboration and conservation efforts... more

TWENTY-thousand Honey Buzzards and counting

August 22, 2017

Today we saw a first wave of Honey Buzzards coming over. A nice start, more to come ;) The first movements of harriers were noted as well. Every evening at 6pm GMT our daily counts are uploaded to, and you'll find the automatically updated season totals. Check it! http://www.... more

RARITY: Eleonora's falcon flies over station 2

August 21, 2017

Eleonora's Falcon (c) Bjorn Alards
First rare migrant of the season! Today station 2 enjoyed close views of an Eleonora's Falcon soaring over the counters for a short time. This dark morph bird still shows retained juvenile flight feathers combined with moulted body plumage, indicative of a 2cy bird. It is the 3rd record for the... more

Start of the 10th autumn season count

August 16, 2017

Tomorrow the 10th edition of the Batumi Raptor Count officially starts! Last days team members were actively working to prepare the count. Our new count coordinators team (Aki, Xu & Hélène) and all counters will be happy to bring their scopes and clickers to the count stations... more

NEW BRC Publication in Sandgrouse

April 11, 2017

We are proud to see our study "Understanding hunters' habits and motivations for shooting raptors in the Batumi raptor-migration bottleneck, southwest Georgia" published today in Sandgrouse, the journal of the Ornithological Society of the Middle East and the Caucasus (OSME).... more

International Birdwatching Festival

March 19, 2017

BATUMI BIRD FESTIVAL announcement - 24-30 september 2018 For our 5th anniversary, we organised the first Birdwatching Festival in Batumi. Now, we are happy to see this event continued every year. Today the tourism department of Adjara confirmed their support for another edition, and together... more