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Name: Batumi Roofvogel Club   
IBAN: NL08TRIO0198379056   
Bank: Triodos Bank, Postbus 55,
3700 AB Zeist, The Netherlands
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What is happening in Batumi?
An incredible raptor migration fills the skies above  Batumi every autumn and has become one of the most spectacular concentrations worldwide with over 1 Million raptors and 34 species.

Why do we need to take action?
Thousands of birds are getting illegally shot. Globally threatened and endangered species with small populations suffer from the hunting pressure. The monitoring acts as a warning system to detect population trends and impacts in the wide breeding area of Russia and western adjacent countries.


Schoolkids listening to raptor ecologyWhat action do we take?
We fully monitor the bird migration and work in and with the local community, organize accommodation with Georgian families, organize educational activities for the young and support cultural exchange. We seek understanding and promote ecological sustainability while we increase the locals annual income through our project.
What will your donation be used for?
It contributes the volunteer accommodation, funds local transports, raptor migration survey, illegal shooting surveys, and materials for environmental education.

Donation of equipment
Also without financial contributions you can help BRC to expand its outreach, education and capacity-building projects! Are you left with an unused extra pair of optics, a bird guide or a good book in ecology or conservation that you are not using?

At BRC we turn your unused equipment into valuable tools for environmental education and awareness raising in an area where young environmentalists usually do not have the means to access such equipment themselves!

All equipment donated by you will be tagged with your name and a personal message by yourself!

Are you interested to support any of the projects below with a donation?
Don’t hesitate to contact us at

Mimino Optics’: a clear vision for a new generation of Georgian birders

It is our distinct pleasure to announce that starting 2013 the BRC will be able to distribute a limited number of charity optics among highly motivated and talented young birders and environmentalists. Our sincere gratitude goes to Opticron Ltd. who enabled the launch of this charitable optics distribution program called ‘Mimino Optics’ , with the donation of few dozen binoculars in great condition!

We kindly invite you to donate your unused/old optic equipment to this cause! Your support will directly enable a young Georgian bird-watcher to improve his or her skills in field identification of birds under guidance of BRC trainers.

Enable outdoor teaching at BRC!

A crucial component of our education work consists of field-based activities. We bring regional children, students as well as adults in close contact with the natural splendor of southwestern Georgia, especially with the bird migration spectacle.

Your donation of field equipment allows us to engage a large number of individuals with diverse flora and fauna during outdoor classes. Schools and other groups will be visiting the BRC and may all make use of these donated tools during our education activities!

Butterfly nets, water test kits, field identification guides, magnifying glasses, sampling tubes, wading suits… you name it, we can use any of such materials that are in good condition!