Application as Raptor Counter

Checklist for signing up as raptor migration counter at BRC

If you want to volunteer as raptor counter at BRC, read the information below, fill out the application form and fingers crossed. We will accept applications until our schedule reaches full capacity for the count season. To apply, you'll need to follow four steps.

1) Read the Autumn Count page
If you haven't done this yet, make sure you do so before sending us your application!
Decide if you want to volunteer only in Batumi, or if counting in the Turkish stations is also an option.
To help defray the full cost of food and accommodation, remember that we will be asking you to commit the according amount for each day of your stay once you arrive. A pre-payment will be expected to reserve your place. You can pay in both EUR and GEL. Detailed information will be send to all participants upon confirmation.

2) Check your schedule
We will be conducting the count from 17 August to 16 October and offer full season, half season, and plenty of blocks from 12 up to 20 days. Please note that your arrival to our guesthouses should be one day before your count period starts and your departure should be one day after it finishes.
If you absolutely must be in Georgia for the peak migration of a certain species or cannot commit to working with us during the remaining slots in the count schedule, please consider joining us on your terms as a visitor.

3) Fill out the application form
Answer the questions in the application webform below briefly but accurately. We are trying to assemble a diverse team of counters with different backgrounds, and your honesty is key to a satisfying experience for everyone!  As such, we are not necessarily looking only for expert counters, nor will we necessarily refuse someone who has never participated in a migration count before.

4) Wait for confirmation
Once you've submitted the application webform below, you may expect a response from us around the 15th of each month (starting from March). Once you are accepted, you will need to email us a copy of your flight invoice within four weeks of acceptance to secure your block(s) and transfer half of the payment for the accommodation by the same time. If you do not do this, you will forfeit your reservation and it can be given to someone else! 
In case of questions just e-mail us at  volunteer(at)batumiraptorcount(dot)org

BRC Counter Application Form

Your full name
years old.
Your city and country.
Email is our primary means of contacting you. Be sure this field is correct!
Don't forget your country dialing code! Enter "0" in this field if you do not have a mobile phone.
Which languages do you speak and to which level? On the station you must speak English and communicate well your sightings with landscape marks, directions, distance and species names.
These are the different options for you to join the counting stations. You can choose to stay full season, half season or in one or more of the blocks. You can also come to us as a group. Just indicate several options that suit you and mention in the comment field below your intention to stay with your friends. The blocks can also be adjusted slightly. If you wish to stay a bit longer or shorter just indicate this in the comment field and we check the possibilities. Please note that your arrival to our guesthouses should be one day before your count period starts and your departure should be one day after it finishes. You will receive a response each month around the 15th.
How long have you watched birds in a serious (or semi-serious) capacity?
What experience do you have observing and identifying western Palearctic raptor species? Your honesty here will help us build a balanced count team with mixed levels of experience.
What experience have you with formal migration counts (whether for raptors or other species)? Where did you do them, and for how long did you participate?
What year(s)?
What are your personal motivations for applying to join us this fall? What do you expect of your stay in Georgia?
What skills you would you like to learn or improve during your stay with us?
Which personal optics will you bring for the count?
Do you have disabilities or other health concerns we should know about? (e.g., food allergies, difficulty walking up steep terrain)? Do you plan on traveling with other BRC applicants? Do you have additional comments you'd like for us consider when reviewing your application? If not, you may leave the field empty.
We receive too many roboter messages and need to test you being a human or a machine.