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Birdwatching tours in Georgia, Caucasus

by Christean GelpkeWould you like to see more of Georgia? Interested to travel to various destinations in Georgia's interior and explore the diverse culture and nature of the Caucasus? Are you keen to see the Caucasus 'Big five'-birds (Caucasian Black Grouse, Caucasian Snowcock, Great Rosefinch, Güldenstadts redstart, Caucasian Chiffchaff)? Would you like to combine Batumi migration with a fully organized trip lead by experienced guides?

We can highly recommend our newly established birding tour company Batumi Birding
This company is owned by the Sabuko - Society for Nature Conservation, the organization behind the BRC. 70% of the profits will flow our conservation work. Batumi Birding offers full package tours that combine a visit to Batumi with trips throughout Georgia. Read on below about our planned package trips in 2015 and consult the Batumi Birding website (under construction) for more details.


Batumi Birding

Batumi Birding has close ties to bird conservation, as the majority of its revenue goes towards our projects in Batumi and Georgia. Batumi Birding is expert in organised tailor made birding-trips though Georgia and can offer you tours to enjoy the “Big Five” Caucasian birds. All of our trips are lead by experienced BRC bird-tour leaders, in English, Dutch, French or German.

Autumn Batumi packages

For this autumn we have 2 different package trips ready, to discover the most of Batumi migration.

This year, we'll have the Batumi Honey Week from 30 August until 6th of September. The week is timed to coincide with the Honey buzzard and Montagu's harrier peak, and is likely to be very spectacular.
The second one, the Batumi Eagle Week will take place from 27 september until 4 october and is timed to coincide with Steppe buzzard and eagle migration.

Autumn extensions


Batumi Birding also runs tours to inland Georgia and the Caucasus.
These tours are conveniently timed in between the birding weeks and festival, so a stay at the migration watch points in Batumi can be easily combined with several package trips available.

Although the variety of raptors can keep one Vardziabusy for quite some time, Batumi and it's surroundings,  and Georgia in general have a whole lot more to offer! Ranging from subtropical forest in Adjara over the badlands and riparian forests in the east and from the alpine landscapes of the Caucasus to the sandstone cliffs and steppes of the south. The variety of natural landscapes and diversity of plants and wildlife in this small country is simply astonishing. Because of this, a lot of species can be observed in a relatively short amount of time. While visiting the Batumi bottleneck, many have experienced some splendid birding and enjoyed wonderful nature all around Georgia.

Sameba church near KazbegiEspecially the Chorokhi delta south of Batumi and the harbour area prove to be particular favorites of many birders. The forests around counting station 3 in Chakvistavi, in the Mtirala National Park,  reveal some wonderful floral high notes and several volunteers found themselves adoring Georgian wildlife on Kazbegi's mountains, Vardzia's cliffs and Ninotsminda's steppes and lake...

A classic Kazbegi-trip will take you for four days in the Greater Caucasus, to search the 'Big Five'.
Our Zekari-Vardzia-trip takes you to Zekari-pass to see the Caspian Snowcock and Caucasian Black Grouse and over to Vardzia on a 5-day trip. We offer these trips at request, and you can choose to start and end from either Batumi or Tbilisi.  Please visit our website (under construction) for more information or email us directly for further inquiries: info@batumibirding.com

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