Guesthouses in the bird migration bottleneck

Support conservation and the local community

Guesthouses in Batumi We highly advise everyone who is interested in visiting the area, to stay in one of the guesthouses close to the watchsites. This is a very authentic experience, whereby you get to know the local cultural while enjoying the migration from the terrace of your guesthouse. Moreover, the economic opportunities created in this way have helped us to gain support among the villagers to reduce the illegal hunting of birds of prey.
In 2010 BRC created a network of guesthouses run by local families, where visitors can stay for a modest fee. We provided them with training, feedback and coordinated the bookings. Since 2015 we've chosen to professionalize the management of the guesthouses, which are now run by a tour company. We support further sustainable development and forward visitors to this partner tour company who offers guesthouse services and guided tours. For every night booked through this company, 5€ per night is forwarded to us.

Visit the count posts

During your stay you can attend raptor watch points (Sakhalvasho, Shuamta) to meet our volunteer raptor count team. The guesthouses are within waling distance from the Sakhalvasho watchpoint and there is a regular bus service provided by BRC from the village to the second count station (Shuamta), ask us the day before about vacant seats and timing. We count on a kind donation to our project for every ride you take with us.

Visit nearby birding spots

There are also opportunities to visit other birding or cultural highlights in Ajara region. Other popular destinations in the region (Mtirala National Park, Chorokhi Delta, Kobuleti and Kolkheti National Park) can be reached by public transport, or a guided tour with our cooperating tour companies.

Book your guesthouse in the migration bottleneck with Batumi Birding

Batumi Birding Logo"Batumi Birding offers a range of travel packages to the Batumi bottleneck, where you can stay at one of our local guesthouses. These are situated in an authentic village in the foothills of the Lesser Caucasus, and you will find it a heart-warming experience to enjoy the family’s hospitality while watching the migration from your breakfast table. For each night you stay in our guesthouses, 5 EUR is donated to the BRC." Brecht Verhelst, Director

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