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Batumi Raptor Count

Local birding tours

Apart from the famous raptor migration in autumn, the region around Batumi holds plenty of excellent birding locations nearby that are worth a visit year-round. Discover the bird life and the unique beauty of Ajara with Batumi Birding! They offer five trips to different destinations in the region, not far from Batumi and the village of Sakhalvasho. Our guides are experienced BRC veterans and young local people who speak basic English and know the area well.

1. Chorokhi Delta – half/full day trip in the delta of the Chorokhi river
2. Botanical Garden and seaside park – half day tour, searching for Krüper’s nuthatch and passerines 
3. Mtirala National Park – full day subtropical forest birdwatching and trekking to a nice waterfall
4. Kobuleti, Ispani Mire – half day birdwatching tour on a unique peat marsh habitat
5. Kolkheti National Park – full day including 3-hour boat trip on Paliastomi lake

Little Bittern up close (c) Jenny EikestamChorokhi delta
The Chorokhi delta south of Batumi has proven to be an excellent spot for birdwatching due to it's high variety in biotopes: bushes, dry & wet grassy plains, marshes, a boulder plain, the seashore... During spring and autumn waders, terns and passerine birds proved to be the most interesting groups represented in the delta. In winter very high numbers of waterfowl can be excepted in the area. More info here.

Mtirala National Park
This site is an extremely interesting mountain covered with a relic forest, with a climate that is quite different even from nearby areas. The annual rainfall of 4,000 mm makes Mtirala one of the most humid locations in non-tropical Eurasia. (c) Wouter Vansteelant The high concentration of evergreen plants, together with poor brick-red clay soil and almost permanent rain makes Mtirala externally more similar to tropical cloud forests rather than European or Near Eastern mountain forest. The area harbours the highest proportion of endemic animals and plants in Georgia. Some of them are difficult to find anywhere else in the world except in this and a few other locations of southwestern Georgia. One example is the endemic Caucasian salamander (Mertensiella caucasica). Occasionally some species of large mammals can be seen here, even though the area is not far from Batumi.
The area provides habitat for a common set of forest bird species, as well as Long-eared, Scops, Tawny and Eagle Owls; Long-legged Buzzard, Syrian and White-backed Woodpeckers, White-throated Dipper.

(c) Maria De FillipoKobuleti, Ispani Mire
Ispani Mire is a Ramsar site, part of the Kobuleti Nature Reserve protected area. It's a relatively rare "percolation mire", supposedly depending only on rainwater. The mire itself is a dome shaped peat bog; its vegetation is dominated by mosses and Sundew that has sticky leaves for catching insects. Besides several raptor species you can find water- and reedbirds here as well. Look out for Purple swamphen and Pheasant here.

Broad-billed sandpiper (c) Albert de JongKolkheti National Park boat trip
This area is a wetland forest area west of the Black Sea coast, east of the town Poti and Lake Paliastomi, and south of the mouth of the river Rioni (Phasis). The area is the geographic center of historical Kolkheti (Colchis), well known from the Hellenistic legend “Jason and the Argonauts”. The combination of the ancient Greek names of the site and the river makes up the Latin (and English) name for pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) that is thought to have been introduced to Europe by Argonauts from this site. The area harbours many waterfowl birds (especially along the eastern shore of Lake Paliastomi), shorebirds, rare endemic plants, and many water-associated amphibians, reptiles and mammals.
A drive of about 1,5h will bring you to the parks visitors center. From there we will embark with a comfortable boat operated by the National Park and make a 3 hour-tour around Paliastomi lake and into the wetland. 

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