Batumi Raptor Count
Batumi Raptor Count

Weather and Migration

Any population may migrate through the Caucasus, but it is difficult to tell where exactly the birds will fly from year to year. From much of the migration literature it becomes clear that species that rely heavily on soaring flight - sustained by thermal lift or orographic updrafts (aka slope updrafts) - will have much more predictable routes compared to broad-front migrants that flap their way south. Some species may stop-over for the day when they encounter heavy rains, others may circumvents such bad weather systems and temporarily end up on a more easterly or westerly route.

Apart from the regional effects on migration as detailed above it is crucial to gain insight in how the detecteability of raptors by observers may change according to weather conditions. For Batumi this means we need to show empirically where (1) the local routes used by raptors are situated (e.g. coast – lowland – mountains) and how these may shift in relation to weather.

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