Batumi Raptor Count
Batumi Raptor Count

Raptor Conservation

A major aim of us is to reduce the illegal killing of migratory raptors in the Batumi bottleneck. We do this by raising awareness and involving local communities, rather than confronting them. With the creation of Sabuko, Society for Nature Conservation, the merger between the BRC and GCCW, we intend to carry this approach through the future on a well based organizational structure. The graph below presents an overview of our ongoing projects.

Illegal shooting, trapping and conservation

The BRC has always been confronted with local (traditional) hunting and falconry in the coastal hills surrounding our monitoring stations. Since shooting raptors is illegal in Georgia and falconry is often practiced without license, the BRC tries to take steps in tackling this problem. However, we believe that conservation, education and socio-economic development should go hand in hand. The BRC therefore tries to increase understanding of the ecological importance of migratory birds among local people, and to create a source of income through ecotourism.
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