Migration Count Data

HereRaptor Migration Totals for all raptors in Batumi since 2008 we present you the totals of our raptor count at Batumi. We distinguish the raw and unprocessed data which includes natural double counts because we sometimes count the same birds from two count posts. And then we have the cleaned and processed data which excludes double counts. The graph below shows the processed totals and the table further down the raw totals. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

At the bottom you find the access to our raw daily totals, which are stored on trektellen.org. You may find it easier to navigate through the data on the website of trektellen.org.



Raw totals per year of monitored raptors and soaring birds at Batumi

raptor count totals at Batumi

Daily bird migration data

All our data is available as totals per day in raw format on trektellen.org. The data is uploaded daily during the season with the mobile application of trektellen. Watch out!

Station 1 - Sakhalvasho
Station 2 - Shuamta