Update BRC2013 Youth Projects!

Hello dear students and youngsters from the Caucasus,

Only one week left to apply for the BRC 2013 Youth projects
Don´t miss your chance to participate in our camp on birds and biodiversity or in the student exchange on environmental education. We welcome applicants from Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan to apply! Participants in the birds and biodiversity camp will be able to partake in the 2013 Batumi Bird Festival during the last days of the camp. We can reimburse up to 70% of travel costs when travelling by public transportation (train and bus) and will arrane full accomodation and food for all participants.


The Birds and Biodiversity camp is organised with the support of an EU Youth in Action grant in order to support exchange between young people across the continent. Belgian people who wish to broaden their cultural horizons and experience with nature conservation are also welcome to apply in 2013! Belgians participating through JNM are asked to pay a contribution of 10 EUR per day in line with the regular arrangement for other JNM activities.

We have had a great reaction to our previous call for applicants already, but there is still room for more people. We  hope to find your application soon. Please submit your form in English as this will also be the main language spoken during the Youth Projects.

Nature Camp for Georgian teens

In addition to the two youth projects above a 3rd youth camp for young teens from Georgia will take place in August under the lead of two experienced youth workers from JNM Belgium, Lieze Ruys and Sanne Boelaert, and two regional youth workers from Ajaria, Elza Makaradze and Alexander Rukhaia. Regional school children will be approached directly by BRC. This project aims to bring children back in connection with the plentiful natural beauty that surrounds them in Georgia. The exchange of knowledge and expertise between Georgian and Belgian teachers is expected to be highly beneficial for both parties in order to improve their education skills. 


Our youth projects are organized in collaboration with young and dedicated nature enthusiasts from JNM (Belgium), Young Biologists Association (Armenia) and Kuzeydoga (Turkey) and with logistic support of the Acopian Center for the Environment of the American University of Armenia.

Our sponsors in youth work include the EU Youth in Action Programme, the Ysvogelfund of Vogelbescherming Nederland and the Rufford Small Grants Foundation. Opticron Ltd. kindly provides optic materials for our young participants.