Strengthen the BRC team

BRC is seeking motivated volunteers to strengthen the entire team, either as board memberteam leader of a project or as team member. This is a unique opportunity to play a key part in a major conservation activity and is also an excellent chance to get experience of applied conservation work, in a warm and international atmosphere.

1) Board Member

In 2013-2014 we aim to work with a core group of 4-5 board members providing the overall strategy, administration and quality of the project. It will consist of a president, a treasurer, a secretary and further board members. Each of them will carry a high responsibility over some of BRC main aspects in monitoring, research, education and eco-tourism. We expect a high involvement of all, coordinating this certain aspect, with regular communication, input in strategic decisions, fundraising and attending the board meetings.
All board candidates are warmly invited to join us this autumn, as there is no better way to prepare yourself for a leading role in the BRC than by living the experience. Therefore we invite all selected candidates to meet us in Batumi this autumn. During your stay at the BRC headquarters we’ll show you around, introduce you to relevant people, show you the atmosphere at BRC and generally help you getting acquainted with the board’s functioning. As board member you will represent the BRC projects and  it´s conservation philosophy which you are due to have experienced in Georgia. Costs for accommodation and full board for a two-week stay will be covered. Also for the board meetings, on average 3 per year, all costs will be refunded.

At the forefront of the BRC, a scientifically informed and community-based conservation project, you will find a great personal challenge, as well as an incredible and very rewarding opportunity in which to learn many of the skills that are essential for working in the conservation sector. And you get to do all of this as part of a young and dynamic team.

2) Team Leader

Would you like to work as executive team leader, putting the strategies and philosophy of BRC into a small group of team members aiming on a single project? As a team leader you can directly work in the field while organising a small project under the supervision of the board. You are required to write a financial plan for the board which will care about the fundraising. Regularly reports and communications to BRC members are common part of your reliable and responsible work. You can also suggest new projects in the frame of our strategies and come up with individual ideas.
We are seeking for team leaders in the following projects:

• 1-2 main coordinator for the raptor count in spring / autumn
• 1 main coordinator for the Chorokhi Delta surveys
• research team leader
• Guesthouse Service
• Bird guide training
• Festival coordinator
• School Education
• Camps activities
• Educator trainer

Contact us to get informed about further upcoming positions.

3) Team Member

Would you like to be engaged in a lighter role, but still contribute to the bigger BRC, then signing up for one of the working groups might be what you are looking for.. For each working group, we are looking for a group leader. And in each of the groups, we have several roles indicated, where you can sign up for. One person can combine different functions within one working group, and the list is not definite, so feel free to suggest one that is not on the list as well!
a. Monitoring and research: several team members are sought for this working group, from ID specialists, research associates, spring and autumn count coordinators to conservation surveyors and bachelor or thesis students.
b. Education: we have had great projects already, like the school project, conservation course, environmental education course and can use all help to continue these or even expand with new initiatives. We are specifically looking for persons with a background in education, persons who want to assist in an educators training, someone with good writing and creative skills (to produce educational material), and youth exchange leaders.
c. Ecotourism: our work here has seen an enormous expansion within the local community and with the department for tourism. To complete all this work, we invite you to take up a role in assisting the homestay-owners, contributing to English/tourism classes, training bird guides, assisting with preparing the 2014 bird festival, working on Ajara bird map, and others.
d. Sponsoring and fundraising: help the board or a specific project to allocate the necessary funds and attract sponsors or find out the most suitable funds to apply for
e. Publicity and public relations: our image is important and a key asset, and as we are making progress and had a lot of successes, we want to communicate this to the world. Therefore you can become one of the national representatives of BRC or assist in our PR, helping out with providing lectures, stalls on a bird fair, making promotion material and flyers, write on our blog or streamline our social networking; this all to spread the word!

If you are interested to strengthen our team, please let us know.  To apply for any of these positions please e-mail us with a motivation letter explaining what position interests you and give an overview of your relevant experience and timeframe you would like to spend with BRC.
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