Oriental Honey Buzzard ! ... That calls for a little newsflash!

Hello everybody,

only yesterday you had the chance to read the latest update from Batumi and here we are once more. This can only mean good migration continues to excite the counting team.

Indeed, today no less than another 40.000 Honey Buzzards Pernis apivorus have passed the bottleneck, bringing the current total to 350.000+. The species really seems to be boosting in a short period of time this year.

Along with these spectacular numbers came some good species as well. Another two Steppe Eagles Aquila nipalensis were seen today, but also two Greater Spotted Eagles Aquila clanga were new for this year´s count. Also harriers continue their early migration, whereby 23 Pallid Harriers Circus macrourus could be identified with certainty today.
A young Pallid Harrier - Circus macrourus - showing the clear ´boa´ at the neck and the diagnostic wing pattern

However, as the titel of this blog entry allready pointed out, a truely wonderfull observation came in the form of an adult female Oriental Honey Buzzard Pernis ptilorhynchus. As many of you may know this species has also been observed at Batumi in 2007 and 2009. This record constitutes the 4th positively identified individual since the onset of the BRC project.

Luckily, Johannes managed to get some decent shots of the bird for all of you to enjoy. Note the striking colouration, the obvious 6th primary feather and the broad and large appearance of the bird that make it stand out from it´s Eurasian counterpart.
An adult female Oriental Honey Buzzard - Pernis ptilorhynchus - Batumi Sept 9th 2010

With this blog entry we would also like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your massive enthusiasm regarding the website. It really is a joy to see so many of you are catching up with our news on a daily basis.

As always, you´ll be hearing from us shortly.

All the best,

the BRC Team