Next Bird Festival in Batumi

Join us at the Batumi Birding Festival 2016 from 25 September to 1 October 2016, at the Hilton hotel in Batumi, Republic of Georgia, Caucasus.
During this 7-day happening, you will get a unique chance to experience the massive migration of raptors and other birds on the East Black Sea shore. At the evening lectures, we host Dick Forsman - Raptor Identification specialist, David Lindo - the URBAN BIRDER, Rob Sheldon - OSME/Sociable plover, Andrea Corso - raptor migration & identification. This event is organized by Batumi Birding & STARLING reizen with the support of BRC, SABUKO and Vogelbescherming NL. You participation will contribute to the conservation work in the region.

All information on our Batumi Birding Festival 2016 page!