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Bird Conservation Georgia (BCG), the 'umbrella organization' of BRC, offers a unique opportunity to explore some of the most remote and untouched parts of Georgia.  The aim of these expeditions is to build a solid knowledge base for conservation at Georgia’s Important Bird Areas, and to contribute to the population estimates of threatened species. Three expeditions take place in the steppes of East Georgia, two on the highlands of Javakheti, and two focus on migration in the Batumi bottleneck and the Chorokhi river delta, with the addition of some localized breeding species.

For a small fee, we invite you to join these expeditions, which are organized by skilled birders with experience in the areas.
During the trip, you will visit a broad range of habitats, and you are guaranteed to see many good bird and mammal species. The surveys will be undertaken in comfortable 4x4s, and basic accommodation will be arranged with local families and at National Park facilities.

The contribution we ask for a 7 days field trip is 600 EUR, which includes all in-country transport, food and accommodation for 7 nights. For students, a discount of 100 EUR can be made. Your financial contribution will be used to cover part of the expenses of the survey.

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Eagle & Little bustard count

(15-22 February 2014)

adult Steppe Eagle (c) Johannes Jansen



Counting wintering Greater Spotted,  Imperial and Steppe Eagle in the East Georgian lowlands and Little bustard, of which 100s to 1000s are expected. The area also holds huge flocks of larks and buntings in winter, with possibly Black, White-winged and Oriental Skylark. 

In addition, we will count waterfowl  on some lakes close to Tbilisi, where good numbers of Pygmy Cormorant and Pallas’ Gull winter. Other likely good species include:
Saker & Lanner Falcon, Black Francolin, Dalmatian Pelican, Wallcreeper, Pine Bunting, Spanish Sparrow and Bearded Vulture.

Imperial Ealge 2cy (c) Simon Cavailles

Imperial eagle mapping

(12-19 April 2014)


To find as many nests of Imperial Eagle as possible. We will also search for Lanner and Saker Falcon, and count Griffon and Black Vulture pairs at their colonies.

In addition to the breeding birds, intensive migration of raptors, waterfowl and passerines takes place over East Georgia during this period, and we are likely to find a few rarities during this survey.



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