Today added another 75.000 to the tally. Our volunteers have been counting for exactly 3 weeks now, and have reached a season total of 498.928 raptors! Almost half a million, right? Six more weeks to go, bring it!
The show started with harriers, between 7 and 8 o'clock a constant stream of Montagu's and Marsh over the station with many enjoyable Pallids. Also again a nice passage for Honey Buzzards with gigantic streams moving all around or spreading over the sky. Also and more Black Kites in the streams. Among these, today's highlights include 4 dark morph Marsh Harriers, adult Steppe Eagle and an adult Peregrine low overhead. Again, we want to dedicate this day to our friends who returned to home - this one is for Yves Dubois, Emmanuel Roy and Jonas Schärer thank you very much and see you again!
Season totals can be found here.

Steady stream of Honey Buzzards overhead (c) John Wright