Fundraiser trips for conservation

At BRC we aim to achieve sustainable monitoring and protection of migrating raptors at the bottleneck in Batumi, Georgia. An important aspect is the development of ecotourism and providing an alternative source of income for the local community, which we guarantee through Batumi Birding.  We hope to use this a main leverage to reduce the illegal hunting step by step, with broad community support.

This autumn, Batumi Birding facilitates two fundraising trips, targeted to Belgian birdwatchers, together with STARLING reizen and Natuurpunt. Both trips guarantee a substantial donation for the Batumi Raptor Count. In this way, we can continue our conservation and monitoring efforts, and in the meanwhile make sure many birders can enjoy the migration spectacle comfortably.

More information about these trips are found here:
STARLING trip with Johannes, 29 augustus until 6 september 2015
NATUURPUNT trip with Geert, 19 september until 4th october 2015

If you are interested to organize a similar fundraiser trip for your organization, society or for your friends, get in touch!