Ecotourism at BRC

Dear raptor enthusiasts,

Starting from 1 September 2011, BRC will offer the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular raptor migration to people who do not wish to be engaged in the surveys as a counter. This will comprise accommodation and boarding with local people, and transport between airport/train station, count sites and main birding hotspots in the region. Prices will be about 20-30 EUR pp/night for accommodation + boarding, and up to 50 EUR per day for transport, depending on distance and time. This money will go entirely to local people. A voluntary contribution of 20 EUR pp to the BRC for organizing your stay will be greatly appreciated.

More details will be published soon. Booking a stay is possible from now on at BRC.ecotourism AT

For people who wish to further explore Georgian nature, we can recommend the services of Ecotours Georgia:

Best wishes,
the BRC team