Batumi Birding Week

Looking for a good opportunity to visit Batumi? Join us for the Batumi Birding Week from 21 to 28 september. You'll enjoy 8 days of top birding, when migration over Batumi is at it's most diverse. If you like migration, this is the event you can't miss!

Daily excursions lead by experienced BRC guides will bring you to the raptor watchpoints and various migrant hotspots around. Together, we will indulge ourselves in huge numbers migrating raptors and their identification. Over 30 species of raptors can be seen during this week, and it's timed to include the peak day of steppe buzzard and eagle migration.  Imagine what it's like to observe ten-thousands raptors on a single day?!
Also other migrants will get our attention, with plenty of hotspots for waders and passerines nearby, and good potential for falls. In the evenings, we gather for a lectures and fun events. An extension is available to see the Caucasus endemics in Kazbegi.

Briefly, a convenient package to experience the Batumi feeling at it's best. Sign up today and find out more about the program, accommodation, prices and Kazbegi extension here!