Apply as a count volunteer

raptor counters on Isina hill (Arhavi) (c) Lars SoerinkApplications for volunteers to help at the raptor count are open!

We welcome applications from motivated raptorwatchers, beginners and veterans alike, for blocks of minimum 12 days. You are also welcome to apply for one month or even the entire autumn season, for a reduced rate.  If you think you might wish to apply, proceed to the application page:

During 2016, for the first time, we aim to extend the raptor count to north-east Turkey. All birds we count at Batumi continue through Turkey, but when, where and how they navigate the difficult path from sea level to the eastern Anatolian highlands is far from understood. Raptor counts have been undertaken along various spots on the Turkish route, but never for the full duration of the autumn migration season and never in tandem with the BRC. We have now teamed up with Turkish colleagues and we are keen to increase our understanding of raptor flyways through Turkey.

raptor migration over Isina (Arhavi) (c) Lars SoerinkThere will be two counting spots operational in North-east Turkey roughly 50km south of Batumi for the entire counting period. One team will be based at Arhavi, on the Isina hill. Another team will be based  around Borcka, in the Coruh river valley.
Of course, the technicalities and protocols of the counting work will be fully in line to the teams operating in Batumi, but there will be full time Turkish coordinators at hand. In Arhavi, we will provide home stay accommodation at a 20 mins walk (uphill) from the counting spot. Details are forthcoming, but they will be similar to the provisions in Batumi.