Documentary Filmmaking

In 2016, we were grateful to receive a grant of 1000 GBP from the Ornithological Society of the Middle East (OSME). The grant was applied for illegal hunting monitoring originally, however, this year SABUKO was taking care of the hunting monitoring independently from BRC, and they had sufficient funds to do so.Thus, the grant was used for awareness-raising and capacity building activities in the Batumi Bottleneck.

We allocated a part of the fund to contribute to the stay of a Georgian participant during the migration count. This is a significant achievement we are very proud of, as this was the first time a Georgian volunteer took part in the count for a full two week stay. We are confident more Georgians will follow his example.

The majority of the fund was used to facilitate two movies about the Batumi Bottleneck, the migration and the illegal shooting of raptors: a documentary film with Oropendola Productions, and a drone film with Yuval Dax – Production and New Media. We hope the publication of the resulting films in the international conservation fora and on nature film festivals will be highly valuable for sharing information about the Batumi Bottleneck and the conservation work of Batumi Raptor Count. 

Filming a local falconer, taking care of a shot Steppe Eagle
Nicholas Rodd and Luke Blazejewski (Oropendola Productions), filming a local falconer taking care of a wounded Steppe Eagle. Photo©Anna Sandor.

Nicholas Rodd and Luke Blazejewski (Oropendola Productions), filming a hunter with a freshly shot Steppe Buzzard. Photo©Anna Sandor.

Yuval Dax's amazing drone photo of a kettle of Lesser Spotted Eagles not far from BRC Station #2. Photo©Yuval Dax.