Andrea Corso

Andrea is specialized in the identification and ageing of Eurasian raptors. He started studying raptor migration when he was only 12 year old in Messina, Italy. Later on he explored other raptor-migration hotspots such as Israel, Tunisia, Kazhastan, Gibraltar, Falsterbo, Bosphorus, etc. Last two years we had the honors to welcome him as a counter of our BRC-team. During the many hours of observing migrating raptors, he studied their flight behavior, field characters, variation in plumage, moult and age. We are delighted that he will share his experience again and we can consult him anytime with a challenging raptor. He provides identification post for our blog, and you might have the chance to learn from him on the count station during the next autumn count. For our volunteers, he provides several presentations about identifying, aging and sexing of the various raptor species flying over Batumi. 

andrea.corso (at) batumiraptorcount (dot) org