Johannes Jansen

Johannes has co-founded the project in 2008 and has been actively contributing in the organisation ever since. His efforts have involved fundraising, creation of international partnerships as much as on-site coordination of the counts. For the 5th anniversary of BRC, he coordinated the first Batumi Bird Festival. As a professional internship in his Master training he completed a month of field work at the Bird Research Center in Eilat, Israel, where he studied the bird migration tourism and link with conservation.  In spring 2012, he was invited to Hawk Mountain Sanctuary (USA) to complete a Conservation Leadership Internship, mainly focusing on conservation approaches dealing with human-raptor conflicts. Johannes achieved his Master degree in Biology on 'Biodiversity Conservation and Restoration' at the Antwerp University. For his Msc. thesis dissertation he studied the hunting pressure on migrating raptors at Batumi and the potential effects for vulnerable species in a conservation context. 

Johannes in BRC 2014:

Being the vice-chairman Johannes will be assisting in the overall coordination of the project. 
His main objective is to anchor BRC into Georgian society, and make it a stable and sustainable organisation. His focus is on local partnerships, fundraising and to further develop the ecotourism services.
Johannes is also the main person to contact for all who have specific questions about hunting and conservation research at Batumi.

johannes.jansen (at) batumiraptorcount (dot) org