Wouter Vansteelant

Wouter has been a board member at the BRC between 2008–2013 and started as BRC’s research coordinator in summer 2014. In 2011, Wouter was a Conservation Leadership Intern at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary (PA, U.S.A.) where he investigated the influence of weather on route choice of raptors in the Batumi bottleneck. He is currently writing his Ph.D. at the Uni. of Amsterdam on the role of weather in the soaring migration of European Honey Buzzards.

A red line through Wouter’s past and present work is that he enhances the societal impact of his migration research by coupling research with education and awareness raising activities. He has worked with school children, students and amateur birders in various educational projects. Most recently he was team member of ‘Vogel het Uit!’: a citizen-science project for involving amateur birders in GPS-tracking studies which was awarded the Dutch Academic Year Prize 2013. Wouter is also secretary on the board of the Migrant Landbird Study Group which aims to streamline conservation-based research actions across the African-Eurasian migration flyways.

You can contact Wouter for all questions related to migratory bird research in the Batumi region.
wouter.vansteelant(at) batumiraptorcount (dot) org
w.m.g.vansteelant(at) uva(dot) nl

Relevant publications: