Folkert de Boer

dr Folkert de BoerBirds are a part of Folkerts life from his early youth, but from his early 20s he became also professionally interested. With a background of Artificial Intelligence and a PhD in Computational Biology, Folkert is determined to continue his set course towards nature.

After spending  a summer on the other side of the Black Sea with Green Balkans, a Nature Conservation NGO in Bulgaria, Folkert made his first appearance in Batumi only in the fall of 2012, where he immediately fell in love with the project.  He heartily believes in the approach of BRC as a community based conservation project.  Very enthusiastic to maintain the approach of raptor conservation, ecotourism and monitoring, he became a member of the board in October 2013.

Besides the biology, Folkert is a developer of nature related databases and software such as He is one of the founders of the Georgian Bird Ringing Database