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More than raptors to experience in GeorgiaChorokhi Delta

Batumi Birding runs tours to Batumi and the Caucasus. If you are interested in a local birding tour, check the information here.
If you look for tours to the Caucasus including the migration watch points, check this page.

Although the variety of raptors can keep one Vardziabusy for quite some time, Batumi and it's surroundings,  and Georgia in general have a whole lot more to offer! Ranging from subtropical forest in Adjara over the badlands and riparian forests in the east and from the alpine landscapes of the Caucasus to the sandstone cliffs and steppes of the south. The variety of natural landscapes and diversity of plants and wildlife in this small country is simply astonishing. Because of this, a lot of species can be observed in a relatively short amount of time. While visiting the BRC project, many have experienced some splendid birding and enjoyed wonderful nature all around Georgia.

Sameba church near KazbegiEspecially the Chorokhi delta south of Batumi and the harbour area prove to be particular favorites of many birders. The forests around counting station 3 in Chakvistavi, in the Mtirala National Park,  reveal some wonderful floral high notes and several volunteers found themselves adoring Georgian wildlife on Kazbegi's mountains, Vardzia's cliffs and Ninotsminda's steppes and lake...

On the overview page about birding in Georgia, Caucasus you can find information about several areas that are known at this date to the organizers of the project. This overview will undoubtedly grow during the years to come, and some useful links about nature in Georgia will be added as well. We hope that this information may convince many readers of Georgia's unique potential for an extraordinary wildlife experience!

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