Our Team

BRC Board and Team

Here is the list of our board and team members that are presently working with us or did so in the past.

folkert de boerFolkert de Boer (the Netherlands)
> Chairman of the board 2017, 2016
> Research & Education
> Bird Ringing
> Guide at BirdingBreaks.nl
> Member of the board since 2013

folkert.deboer (at) batumiraptorcount (dot) org

Johannes Jansen (Belgium)
> Vice-Chairman of the board (Co-founder of the BRC)
> Hunting, trapping & conservation research
> Eco-tourism development
> Co-initiator of Batumi Birding Ltd. and the Batumi Bird Festival
> Guide at STARLING reizen
> Chairman 2013
> Member of the board since 2008

johannes.jansen (at) batumiraptorcount (dot) org

Dries Engelen (the Netherlands)
> Treasurer
> Monitoring
> Social media
> Joined BRC in 2013, member of the board since 2015

dries.engelen (at) batumiraptorcount (dot) org

Jasper Wehrmann (Germany)
> Monitoring and data analysis
> Raptor migration & weather research
> Member of the board 2012-2017
> Chairman 2015, 2014

jasper.wehrmann (at) batumiraptorcount (dot) org

Wouter Vansteelant (the Netherlands)
> Member of the board since 2009
> Research Coordinator
> Migratory bird research

wouter.vansteelant(at) batumiraptorcount (dot) org 

Anna Sandor (Hungary)
> Member of the board since 2016
> Conservation
> Shooting monitoring
​> Conservation conflict research
> Joined BRC in 2012

anna.sandor (at) batumiraptorcount (dot) org

Filiep T'Jollyn (Belgium)
> Publicity campaigns
> Memberships
> Merchandise developer
> Bird Fair representative
> Spreading news and volunteer calls
> Joined BRC in 2008

filiep.tjollyn (at) batumiraptorcount (dot) org

Rafa Benjumea (Spain)
> Monitoring
> Designer
> Guide at Ecotono Birding
> Member of the board

rafa.benjumea (at) batumiraptorcount (dot) org

Simon Cavaillès (France)
> Monitoring
> Identification Consultant
> Joined BRC in 2012
> Member of the board

simon.cavailles (at) batumiraptorcount (dot) org

Andrea Corso (Sicily)
> Identification Consultant

 andrea.corso (at) batumiraptorcount (dot) org


Former board members

  Brecht Verhelst (Belgium)
> Co-founder BRC
> Founder SABUKO
> Founder and former director Batumi Birding Ltd.
Chairman 2008 - 2012



Former staff members

Alexander Rukhaia (Georgia)
> Director of SABUKO