Acknowledgement to our supporters

BRC is supported by many sponsors and partners providing the project with funds and materials to maintain the extent of the count and raptor conservation. Our sincere thanks go to all the sponsors and partners that have supported us as well as to all volunteers and students who joined us in previous years!

Batumi Raptor Count 2017 is supported by:

Batumi Raptor Count 2015 was supported by:

Swarovski Optik




Batumi Raptor Count 2014 was supported by:


Batumi Raptor Count 2013 was supported by:




The 5th Batumi Raptor Count, autumn 2012 was supported by:

and several individual donations, including a major gift from Laurens Vogelaers.

2011 was supported by:


2010 was supported by:

2009 was supported by:



& Partners:
PSOVI     KuzeyDoga society  Birds of Armenia (American University of Armenia)




2008 was supported by: